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The information on this page is intended for use by the artists who are developing the Kingdom Come Performance Project. Portions of this page should be considered incomplete while other information is copyright protected. Therefore none of the information found here should be used in any way or publicly distributed without written permission. For more information contact pam at brickhaus dot com.

Project Summary: "Kingdom Come" Video Performance (scheduled for December 2009)
[Excerpt from the Jefferson Center's proposal] "'Kingdom Come' is a commissioned multimedia performance juxtaposing Nikki Giovanni's radical Black Nationalist poetry with video images of early white rock 'n' roll stars and 'reclaimed' performances of their hits as interpreted by the Paschall Brothers, an acclaimed traditional African American jubilee gospel ensemble. Historic film images and real-time video manipulated by Pam Payne will blur the distinctions among the live and recorded performances that meet in a mediated, larger-than-life environment."

The project is being commissioned by the Jefferson Center in Roanoke VA, and is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. Three performances will be held at the Jefferson Center in early December, 2009.

Project Description (preliminary, currently being revised):
Kingdom Come Detailed Description

Web Links:
Jefferson Center's Website
Nikki Giovanni's Website
Paschall Brothers' Website
Pam Payne's Website & Brickhaus (Pam's Other)

Nikki Giovanni Sample Selections
(FYI: Pam selected these)

"Rap-Blues' Child", By Nikki Giovanni from Acolytes, 2007

"The Moan", By Nikki Giovanni from On My Journey Now, 2007

"A Slave's Day", By Nikki Giovanni from On My Journey Now

"The Fisk Jubilee Singers", By Nikki Giovanni from On My Journey Now

"Spirituals Today and Tomorrow", By Nikki Giovanni from On My Journey Now

Kingdom Come

Samples From The Paschall Brothers
Kingdom Come

(Pam made these selections too)

Don't Forget To Pray
(1,650KB mp3, "Audio" file)

Mean Old World (3,098KB mp3 file)

One Day when The Lord Shall Call (2,390KB mp3 file)

Jezebel (5,775KB mp3 file)

Video Samples
Pam Created for the Jefferson Center MAP Grant Application
Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come Video Sample 1
(3,799KB WMV, "Windows Media Video" file)
Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come Video Sample 1 (1,823KB WMV file)

Storyboard Stills
Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come

contact: Pam at brickhaus dot com