Physical Graffiti - Bowery Bazaar

Nov, 2009 - Jan 6, 2010
351 Bowery, NYC

Physical Graffiti - Bowery Bazaar
Window Video Projections at 351 Bowery (simulacrum)

When: November, 2009 - January 6, 2010
Time: 5:00pm-2:00am, Every Evening
Where: 351 Bowery between East 3rd and East 4th Street, NYC   the location of:
Boutiques at Bowery Bazaar

If walls could talk… With a nod to Mike Doud and Peter Corriston's classic album cover for Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffifi", windows reveal strange and exotic happenings.
Video projections celebrate the eclectic history and current vibrancy of The Bowery.
"Physical Graffiti" is Visual Rock 'n' Roll appearing where the creative spirit is found.

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Participants and Credits:

WAR IS OVER (in 28 languages):
  John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Bowery Boys:
  Clips from "Kid Dynamite" Directed by Wallace Fox, 1943

Burlesque Dancers:
  Michelle St. Darling
  Coco LaPearl
  Isabella Minx

Screen Tests (in order of appearance):
  Karin Persan, Better Than Jam
  Roger Geier, Alchemy Industries
  Edward & Megan Enriquez, Australian Scent
  Jamie Greenberg, Devils May Care,
  Melissa Nsigh, Honey Bee Couture
  Prashant & Ruchi Goyal, Dress Shoppe (Treasures of India)
  Nordea McKoy, Nordea's Soaperie
  Natalie Alleyne
  Francesca Popescu for Clay Couture
  Nissa Rasmussen, Nissa
  Marvel Allen, Desserts by Michael & Marvel Allen
  Irina Shulgina, e-Hats
  Yania Izquierdo, Yania Creations
  Miriam Ariano, Miriam Ariano Jewelry
  "Golly" & "Milly" (Keith Bishop), Golly NYC
  Nancy Chuang & Cathy Guarisco, Covet Shop
  Gigie Claman, Gigie Design
  Shannon DeJong, Astali
  Mariam Aryai Rivera, The Hand of Fatima Design
  JoAnn Berman is BoiyKrazi
  Alexandra Samit, Alexandra Beth
  Ronen Aminov, Fancy Sexy Me
  Jose R. Ramos & Kelley Kennedy, Lulu
  Anne Jones & Emily Santero, Doppelgangers
  Arti Soni
  Danielle Slavick
  Jackie Payne, Jackie Payne Acupuncture
  Harry Hawver
  Sara Brandt & Sean, Sara's Handmade & Vintage, 65 East 4th St.
  Alicia Goodwin, Lingua Nigra

Fire Eating and Performance:
  Special Thanks to Kiki Valentine for "The Sunday Show"
  and The Slipper Room, NYC

  Michelle St. Darling
  Legs Malone
  Queen Laqueefa
  Justina Flash

More about the Physical Graffiti Album Cover:
Mike Doud and Peter Corriston created the album cover for Led Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti”, released in 1975 depicting a building located at 96-98 St. Mark’s Place, NYC. The cover has die-cut windows that reveal a variety of eclectic images including historic and notorious individuals suggesting the exotic lives and happenings of the New Yorkers inside the building. It is a "double-album", and the images are interchangeable by switching the album sleeves around. Now even the building is somewhat notorious with a clothing store called “Physical Graffiti” in the basement and Led Zep fans making pilgrimages to the site and posting photos of it online. In the ‘80s the building was featured in the Rolling Stones’ video “Waiting for a Friend”. Peter Corriston also designed the album covers for the Rolling Stones' "Some Girls", "Emotional Rescue", and won a Grammy for "Tatoo You".

Physical Graffiti album cover
Physical Graffiti Album Cover

About the Artist:
Pam Payne is NYC-based video artist. Her work includes motion paintings, installations and video performance. She is a visual musician who enjoys the interaction of electronic and organic forms. A native New Yorker, her work has been exhibited in the US, Cuba, Mexico, Germany and Indianapolis.

Pam Payne: pam at brickhaus dot com
© 2009 Pam Payne. All rights reserved.