Signs of Life - Physical Graffiti

October 9-11, 16, 17, 2009
14th St. & 1st Ave., NYC

Physical Graffiti 14th Street
Window Video Projections during the Art in Odd Places Festival (simulacrum)

When: Oct. 9, 10, 11 (Fri-Sun), 16, 17 (Fri-Sat), 2009
Time: 9:00pm-Midnight
Where: SE Corner of 14th Street & First Avenue, NYC
(400 East 14th Street, The Crossings Condominiums)

If walls could talk… With a nod to Mike Doud and Peter Corriston's classic album cover for Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffifi", windows of a building reveal strange and exotic happenings. Video projections celebrate the eclectic history and current vibrancy of 14th Street with images of Andy Warhol's Factory, Bettie Page, burlesque, vaudeville, silent movie studios, dance halls, rock concerts, Union Square protests and Boss Tweed's Tammany Hall.

Presented by Art in Odd Places 2009: SIGN, an annual festival exploring the odd, ordinary and ingenious in the spectacle of daily life.
Art in Odd       Art in Odd
Art in Odd Places, NYC’s annual public art and performance festival, announces its 2009 season: SIGN with more than 60 artists and performers. Once again, from October 1 through 26, Art in Odd Places (AiOP) brings art into the public life of 14th Street, infusing its everyday rhythms and spaces with ideas, imagination, humor, and politics, and encouraging its residents, workers, and visitors to experience it anew. 2009 guest curators: Erin Donnelly and Radhika Subramaniam.

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Participants and Credits:

Crossings Condominiums Residents: Thank you for your windows and your lust for life!

Bands (Special Thanks to Tommy's Tavern):
  Passive Aggressor
  Cerebral Ballzy
  Dead Dog
  Weird Fantasy Band
  Honky Horn and Bad Mouth
  Kabuki Theater
  Projectile Vomit

Burlesque Dancers: Michelle St. Darling, Coco LaPearl and Isabella Minx

Bettie Page Films: Bettie Page TM /

Andy Warhol Images: © 2009 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Screen Test Participants (in order of appearance):
  Stefan Eins
  Tara Cox
  G.H. Hovagimyan
  Wesley Hurfstader
  Alan Moore
  Mary Campbell
  Denise Chavez
  Coco LaPearl
  Michelle St. Darling
  Kisha Nesbeth
  BEE Smith
  Lanette Murphy
  Emma Louise
  Matt Richard
  Chibuzor O. Ugokwe
  Stanley Hodgsom
  Carliek Brown
  Tania Barbosa
  Maksuda Khanam
  Isabella Minx
  Sarah Jane
  Michael Carter
  Jacky Jazzowl
  Johnathan Cerio
  Jon Handel
  Salli Lajara
  Mychael Fogharty
  JoAnn Ehchatt
  John Hoad
  Randy Jones
  Katerina Lankova

More about the Physical Graffiti Album Cover
Mike Doud and Peter Corriston created the album cover for Led Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti”, released in 1975 depicting a building located at 96-98 St. Mark’s Place, NYC. The cover has die-cut windows that reveal a variety of eclectic images including historic and notorious individuals suggesting the exotic lives and happenings of the New Yorkers inside the building. It is a "double-album", and the images are interchangeable by switching the album sleeves around. Now even the building is somewhat notorious with a clothing store called “Physical Graffiti” in the basement and Led Zep fans making pilgrimages to the site and posting photos of it online. In the ‘80s the building was featured in the Rolling Stones’ video “Waiting for a Friend”. Peter Corriston also designed the album covers for the Rolling Stones' "Some Girls", "Emotional Rescue", and won a Grammy for "Tatoo You".

Physical Graffiti album cover
Physical Graffiti Album Cover

About the Artist:
Pam Payne is NYC-based video artist. Her work includes motion paintings, installations and video performance. She is a visual musician who enjoys the interaction of electronic and organic forms. A native New Yorker, her work has been exhibited in the US, Cuba, Mexico, Germany and Indianapolis.

contact: pam at brickhaus dot com
© 2009 Pam Payne. All rights reserved.